Need to get ahead? Keep a clear head

Having the right mindset can make an enormous difference when navigating a rapidly changing world. Your brain, like a muscle, can be trained and strengthened. Understanding how your mind works, looking after it, and knowing when you need to adapt your thinking will help you face competition, seize opportunity, and cope with pressure just as elite performers do.

Getting in the zone

It’s five minutes to ‘go time’ and suddenly you are panicked. How do you get your head in the game and pull off the performance you have been working towards? Our experts discuss overcoming nerves and getting in the zone.

Taming the Tiger

Is fear holding you back from achieving what you really want to achieve? We have evolved to be prepared for any dangers that may approach us in the jungle, but what about in the office? Our experts discuss understanding fear and finding confidence to reach our full potential.

The most destructive thought

“This is too big for me! I can’t do this” – is the most destructive thought you can have. However, when you hold responsibility there is no hiding. Being honest, adaptable and flexible enough to cope with change, surprises or failure is a crucial learned skill. Our experts discuss coping with responsibility, owning and learning from failure and doing the right thing when under enormous pressure.

Harnessing the power of elite cognition

Sports science shows that when elite players are compared to non-elite players, the gap in mental performance is huge. So when we turn to the business world, the under-trained area of cognition is ripe for large gains to be made. So what is elite cognition? And how do you train it?

Overcoming human frailty: you are not your doubting thoughts

Studies on elite performance have revealed simple ways you can step back from your personal insecurity and doubts. A bad mood or a loss of confidence need not hold you back. Below our experts share strategies to help you improve your mental performance.

Myth or Reality? Leveraging the Physiology behind Psychology

Psychology for elite performance in business is hardly a new idea. But very few people explore the opportunities to leverage the physiology behind the psychology. Our experts explain what is really going on in our minds and bodies while we work, and how we can help ourselves function better.

Making your worst day close to your best

Great performance relies as much on preparing your mindset as it does developing skill. Having control of your emotions and behaviour under pressure will ensure you can perform well consistently. Our experts share some useful insights into nurturing the mind.

Sleep: The forgotten performance enhancer

24/7 technology and a drive for success can be great for business but not so good for our health. We need to start remembering that rest is not the enemy. In these videos our experts look at how making time to switch off and getting a good night’s sleep are actually the simplest ways to improve your performance every day.

The cost of sleeplessness

A recent survey from RAND Europe found that a lack of sleep among U.K. workers is costing the economy up to £40 billion a year. In this briefing, sleep expert Dr Guy Meadows discusses the UK’s sleep epidemic and shares his specialist knowledge on the secrets of sleep.