5 Brilliant lessons from Industry

From robots to AI, five leading industry commentators give insights on how their industry is approaching change and innovation.

Facing new challenges

In this briefing our experts explore how to approach daunting new challenges in life, such as planning for those “what if” questions, changing business models and mapping new paths to reach your goals.

Inspirational stories

In this series of interviews, our Brilliant Minds experts share stories of critical moments in their lives, reflecting on how these experiences have changed and defined them.

Opening up to Innovation

Many companies pay lip service to innovation, but few implement detailed strategies to encourage or reward it, when the expectation is always that every project must succeed! In this briefing our experts discuss how market leaders have opened their corporate culture to external innovation and accounted for the risk of failure.

Are you aligned with your customers’ needs?

Where would you be without your customers? To stay profitable it is vital to align your business with customer needs. Achieving this may require some innovative ideas, procedure changes, and employment of the latest technology, as our experts discuss in these videos.

Talent alone is not enough

What does it take to be a success? You need some level of talent or ability. But, as our experts discuss in these videos; support, ambition, dedication and learning from experience are all just as important.

Why you should fail more

When was the last time you failed? Our experts suggest that you should try and fail more often. Allowing yourself the room to fail can improve learning, creativity, innovation and ultimately increase your success.

Innovation is out there

Transformative ideas are never far away. They are hiding in plain sight, being used by other companies right now. In these videos experts explain the benefits of talking to other industries to find inspiration for your next big step.

How to create an environment for growth

Are you giving your team the space and energy they need to progress? Do they have the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them? Do they have enough respect and opportunity to step forward confidently with solutions? Our experts have advice on leadership and growth.

The power of learning culture

The key to improvement is being honest about problems and open to change. Transparent data and the right workplace culture play a role in encouraging learning. It is important, as our experts discuss in these videos, that people resist the urge to categorise problems too quickly or fall back on habitual solutions.