Questioning the “CW”

In this briefing our experts explain the value of creative thinking that questions the established conventional wisdom (“CW”). With a focus on process and fear of failure, it is often easier for business to do things the way they have always been done. According to our Brilliant Minds, it is much better to keep questioning, resist habits and maintain a curious mind and appetite for experimenting with new things.

Top 10 Highlights from Brilliant Minds

It was a particularly exciting year as new celebrities joined the Brilliant Minds stable, including David Coulthard, Lawrence Dallaglio, Lord Sebastian Coe and Ed Balls. They added to a library of 1250+ clips from 130 Brilliant Minds experts sharing insights and inspiration to help you succeed in your career, in business and in life. Here is a look back at our top 10 clips.

Getting back on the helicopter

With media attention focused on the Rugby World Cup in Japan, this week we bring you tips to handle white hot pressure from six players, who have all represented their respective countries in a World Cup. Each strategy has been tested on the battlefield of elite sport, and can be adopted by business people who want to share best practice from the very best in the game.

Navigating the Age of Wonder

This week brings a practical guide to navigating the age of digital disruption. Spoiler: It is not a level playing field out there, and focusing on “tech” is not the only key to winning.

Unlearning Leadership

Whilst many organisations tout a record of success, when you actually speak to employees about their experience of leadership it’s often not that great. According to our Brilliant Minds experts, it’s no longer enough to be laser focused on winning. Modern leaders face multiple challenges including how to be authentic, reading the future and how to role model the right behaviours to inspire and get the best from others.

Mission Impossible? How to hit big goals

Achieving the biggest goals can feel like an impossible mission. Despite best intentions and fancy mission statements, strategy frequently fails to translate into tangible results. Our experts explain how having a purpose led approach can lead you to achieving even the toughest asks, whether for yourself or your organisation.

Brutal (business) evolution

It can be a brutal environment in nature, and no less so in business. Your organisation can’t just take time off and stand still when the environment you operate in is remorselessly evolving. Sharing stories of agility in four very different business arenas, our experts explain why you need to reinvent yourself to dominate and keep ahead.

Cleaning out the baggage

If you want to move at the pace of your customers its critical to rid yourself of the baggage that is slowing you down. From experiential learning to thinking like an entrepreneur, in this briefing our experts explore how you can better serve your customers be they inside or outside your organisation.

Facing the storm clouds

From the vantage point at the top of the economic cycle, tougher times lay somewhere ahead. A heady mix of worrying economic data, stormy politics and technological and social disruption can phase even the toughest amongst us. In this briefing 5 experts offer tips for mental resilience to better cope with the constraints of time and space.

Transformative tales from the sharp end

From slow follower to leader. With new cars coming out all the time, pace of transformation was a matter of survival for Jaguar. Hear Jaguar’s story plus the experiences of 4 other business leaders as they talk about transformation from the sharp end of business.