The power of simulation and rehearsal

Train, practice, rehearse, repeat. For military, sports or stage performance, it is second nature to rehearse and practice for the real thing, so when you hit that high pressure situation, performance and understanding of your role is second nature. Yet business seldom adopts this methodology when it comes to team performance or key presentations. There is far more focus on content than on the physical simulation of performance and teams routinely learn “on the job” where mistakes cost. In this briefing, we examine the power of rehearsal.

Shaping a positive team culture from within

According to World Cup winner Lawrence Dallaglio, team culture is something that should be shared, built and driven by the group, more than handed down by management or tradition. Once defined it lives and breathes as new members join the group and challenges are tackled. In this briefing, Lawrence is joined by 4 high performers who share their experiences of positive team culture.

The business case for looking after yourself

According to Professor Elaine Fox, mental health used to be a discussion only about sickness, but increasingly experts realise that physical and mental wellbeing are closely linked drivers of performance. One obvious way to improve your wellbeing is to make room for sports. Another is to use a coach. However you do it, a focus on looking after yourself will deliver benefits in your career, life and relationships. So take control!

7 Years with Brilliant Minds

Since our beginning in 2014, Brilliant Minds has brought you the best insights from leading performance experts, adventurers, sports stars and high achievers – and from a diverse array of industries and backgrounds ranging from consumer, to healthcare, to finance, to entertainment. In 2020 we celebrate our seventh year of Brilliant content, and in this briefing remember some of our most popular and powerful clips.

Seb Coe and Ed Balls on leadership

Learn from two giants of political and public life, as they share their stories on crisis leadership and binding your team.

Seb Coe and Ed Balls on mindset

Learn from two giants of political and public life, as they share their stories of resilience and drive.

Seb Coe and Ed Balls on success

Learn from two giants of political and public life, as they share their stories of reinvention and sustained success.

Tackling honest business conversations

Feedback is now an emerging and powerful tool for team performance in the business world. Yet candid feedback is often easier in sports where frank comments on performance is the norm. So how do you approach conflict in a sensitive situation where managers may not be 100% honest for fear of making it worse? Our experts lend their experience from politics, sport and the corporate world.

Surviving the Maelstrom (how to maintain composure)

According to Lord Coe, when the going gets tough, there are no shortcuts or easy ways out. You’ll need to have your own self defensive mechanisms to manage these pressures. In this briefing four high performers share advice on maintaining composure, and dealing with mistakes and failure.

Words on walls don’t matter

In the words of England’s Director of Cricket, Ashley Giles, motivational slogans on the wall don’t matter when it comes to coaching your team to success. In this briefing, stand out British performers share coaching and management advice.