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1. How not to get sucked into your industry’s orthodoxies and go extinct

We interview a man who spends his life preparing CEOs for the future of work, education and life. Probably one of our most fascinating interviewees in 15 years - he still holds the record as our longest individual interview.

2. Rage against the machines: advising Obama about the angry people

An academic and advisor to then US president Barack Obama, Professor Erik Brynjolfsson and his co-author Andrew McAffee make sense of the onset of automation, AI and robotics.

3. Hanging out with the rock stars of business - Dickinson, Branson, Smit

The frontman of Iron Maiden, the founder of the Virgin Brand, and the man who built the impossible in deepest, darkest Cornwall. Welcome to our Rock Star collection.

5. If I clip the wrong wire, it will vapourise me

Filed under “interviews that left me feeling like I lead a boring life”, meet a man who has saved countless lives, including his own.

4. Cooking up with the digital chef

He arguably has the best job a Welsh lad could dream of - travelling the world, playing with gadgets for a living. But there is definitely method to the techno-tinkering frenzy