The ReThink editorial team is currently working on a new series, due to launch early 2023. ReThink : Investing will focus, as the name suggests, on the world of investment – with a particular focus on whether, and how, investment can be a force for good at the same time as providing healthy returns.

Far from “getting back to normal” after the initial Covid-19 shock in 2020, the year 2022 has proven to be as disrupted and unpredictable as ever: covid variants, successive lockdowns in some parts of the world, advances in tech, social trends, market dynamics including inflation and supply chain issues and more. All of these factors fundamentally change the way markets work, and therefore have an impact on the world of financial services.


On top of this, there has been significant focus on the environment, social and economic equality and the impacts of human activity. There is palpable concern about climate change, as we are seeing the impacts hitting right around the world. This thinking has now permeated to the heart of the investment community, where terms like “ESG”, “net zero”, “impact investing” and “responsible investing” have become mainstream.

This raises a very important question, which could well be the biggest opportunity the industry has faced in decades: can the investment community, which has previously focussed largely on the quantum and reliability of returns for investors, now truly factor in real and effective ESG considerations? Taking this a step further, is it even possible that the investment community, with billions of dollars of assets under management, can be a force for positive change – a driver of the change the world needs to see?

The series covers a range of topics which ask these questions and more of the investment sector. Shows include interviews with people who have developed disruptive business models, market leaders and those taking an entirely new approach. We’ll talk to those responsible for sustainable investment in some of the industry’s largest organisations, and we’ll also interview market commentators, analysts and representatives from NGOs.

We want the ReThink : Investing series to be both a catalyst and a resource for people in the industry who looking for ways to harness the best thinking in these competitive times.

Our first episodes are in planning now, and we are working on further programming for the series. We’ll be launching additional shows during 2023.

We expect much of this content to dovetail with content from our other series, also launching at the same time.

If you’d liked to get involved, please contact us.